• 30ml ROMEO COOKIE eLiquid

    30ml ROMEO COOKIE eLiquid

    € 7.95

    Imagine a rich, full-bodied espresso with creamy steamed milk fortified with all the goodness of vanilla syrup...then dip a soft-baked cookie in it, savor every morsel and smoke a cigarette right after! With Romeo Cookie, the slightly bitter espresso taste is beautifully entwined with the sweet characteristics of vanilla, milk and cookies to be ultimately topped off with a layer of premium rolling tobacco.

  • 30ml DETROIT eLiquid

    30ml DETROIT eLiquid

    € 7.95

    There's more to Motown than cars! Detroit is the definition of a smooth tobacco vape that is lovingly embellished with the heavenly essence of caramel and vanilla. On top of that savory combination, you can feel a lower layer of nuts on your palate but Detroit is such a well defined liquid that this secondary nutty flavor can easily be mistaken as an aftertaste.

  • 30ml GOLDEN VIRGINIA eLiquid

    30ml GOLDEN VIRGINIA eLiquid

    € 7.95

    When it comes to pure tobacco, there is none better than Golden Virginia - in both tobacco and liquid form! Made from Virginia brightleaf tobacco extracts, Golden Virginia is a medium strength liquid with an astonishing aroma.

  • 30ml MAXXXBORO eLiquid

    30ml MAXXXBORO eLiquid

    € 7.95

    Maxxxboro is for vapers who enjoy classic tobacco with a fuller and deeper profile typical of the world famous cigarette brand. Rich, robust and bursting with delicious aromas, the main tobacco layer is underscored with just the right amount of honey-like sweetness and a pinch of spice. The net effect is an amazingly realistic and gratifying vape that is neither too dry, not too moist.

  • 30ml JULIET'S PROMISE eLiquid

    30ml JULIET'S PROMISE eLiquid

    € 7.95

    A mesmerizing flavor infused with the delectable flavors of North American tobaccos, Vanilla Madagascar, bananas and freshly baked cookies. In a romantic turn of phrase, Juliet's Promise is a promise of love at first vape.