Quit smoking with electronic cigarettes

As is the norm, respectable public bodies and newspapers periodically come out with how

electronic cigarettes are the best way to quit smoking.

In an article a couple of weeks ago USA Today reported, again, just how good e-cigarettes are in quitting smoking, quoting various vaping related organizations and people.

They give examples from the real-world, for instance, a regular guy who was able to quit smoking with electronic cigarettes. He basically swears by them and talks about how nothing else worked for him. It talks about how a former official at the American Cancer Society, now a consulting professor at Stanford University’s school of medicine, says preliminary trials on electronic cigarettes suggest “they are probably about as good” as other nicotine replacement (NRT) products like gums, patches, etc.

The truth is alive and well. We shall prevail, because vaping does, indeed, save lives.