No sin tax on electronic cigarettes and e-juice

The EU Commission recently released the results of their three month public consultation geared towards updating EU regulations on minimum excise tax levels in the wake of the revised Tobacco Products Directive (TPD); the electronic cigarette and eliquid taxation question generated over 7500 responses. A precise 89.88% said no, electronic cigarettes and e liquids should not carry an excise tax.

Excise taxes are used for certain goods deemed harmful to society, such as cigarettes. 90% of the respondents basically said: "Electronic cigarettes and e-liquids are not harmful to society".

One can only hope policy and decision makers will someday get with the program and join the rest of the world in embracing electronic cigarette technology. Vaping is nothing less than a health revolution - but since it caught Big Tobacco and Big Pharma with their pants down, it is, and has been from the very beginning, demonized until they were able to bring their own vaping products to market. It has been clearly shown that the overwhelming majority of Europeans do not view electronic cigarettes and eliquid as harmful so hopefully more lives will be saved as public support continues to grow.