Vaping laws

There are those out there that would repudiate even the word of God if it did not suit their agenda of demonizing electronic cigarettes. As vapers and the electronic cigarette industry are attacked from all points, nothing anyone does or says is having too much effect. Experts come out with unbiased electronic cigarette research that finds in favor of vaping, legislators choose to ignore it. Scientists put forth considered opinions that somehow appear to be supportive of electronic cigarettes, they are not even given the time of day. Then you have your charlatans that, for instance, take the number 3, twist it around and show it as an 8 - and the fragrant works(!) of these rectal orifices are hailed as scientific greatness and used to dis and misinform the unsuspecting public. Makes us want to puke every time we see such self-serving drivel spouted by Big Tobacco & Pharma mouthpieces!

Vaping regulations

Do you like vaping? Do you own an electronic cigarette? Do you support the rights of the individual? If you answered yes to any or more of these questions, it's time you got serious and did something about it because the problems surrounding vaping are not going to take care of themselves! Write your congressperson, get in touch with whoever represents you in government - whatever you do, do something or Big Tobacco & Pharma are going to have you back on their lap with a tobacco pacifier in your mouth, slowly robbing you of your money, life and happiness!