• Luna


    € 8.95

    For those that need flair and prefer different esthetics, the delirium Luna is it. One of the most visually appealing electronic cigarettes in the vaping world, the delirium Luna features an oval body that looks absolutely fantastic, a very special design. The best part of the delirium Luna is that vapor performance is on par, if not better than, how it looks.

  • Swiss & Slimbox TPD

    Swiss & Slimbox TPD

    € 31.20

    From delirium comes the TPD compliant Swiss & Slimbox - a formidable step forward that beautifully combines useful features, precision vaping technology and an exceptionally attractive exterior design.

  • Swiss & Slim V2 Single Kit

    Swiss & Slim V2 Single Kit

    € 29.95

    The Swiss & Slim 2 is the evolution of the hugely successful Swiss & Slim. It is a very durable and high-performing electronic cigarette that is visually appealing and easy to use.

  • Swiss & Slim Single Kit

    Swiss & Slim Single Kit

    € 23.95

    The Swiss & Slim is a brilliant electronic cigarette for those that want both style and long lasting vapour performance at the highest levels. The sophisticated technology of the Swiss & Slim makes it perfect for beginners and experienced vapers alike. If you're looking for an electronic cigarette that has great looks, is easy to use, and creates volumes of thick vapour, we strongly suggest the Swiss & Slim.

  • delirium 69 Premium Kit

    delirium 69 Premium Kit

    € 19.95

    Premium quality, affordable pricing and a very sleek design - the delirium 69 is irresistible for a multitude of reasons. Engineered for maximum usability and optimal vapor performance, the delirium 69 appeals to everyone!

  • delirium White

    delirium White

    € 9.95

    A most unique electronic cigarette, the delirium White is designed and manufactured specifically for esthetics, performance and durability. These factors become even more impressive when combined with a surprisingly low price tag. Beautiful, strong, affordable - if you're just starting to vape or want a special ecigarette that will get you noticed, the delirium White is a great option.