30ml ROMEO COOKIE 0mg eLiquid (Without Nicotine)

Imagine a rich, full-bodied espresso with creamy steamed milk fortified with all the goodness of vanilla syrup...then dip a soft-baked cookie in it, savor every morsel and smoke a cigarette right after! With Romeo Cookie, the slightly bitter espresso taste is beautifully entwined with the sweet characteristics of vanilla, milk and cookies to be ultimately topped off with a layer of premium rolling tobacco. It's a bittersweet flavor symphony as each ingredient fights for center stage on your tongue, but being so well-defined, none can overtake the other - it's a true masterpiece!

Depending on your hardware and settings, the vapor can be mild or strong, but the taste is always excellent. The same goes for the throat hit. No matter how you personalize your device, you always get a brilliant throat kick. Once you find your sweet spot in terms of nicotine, resistance and power levels, you are guaranteed one of the most luxurious, most satisfying vaping experiences ever!

100% European Product delirium liquids are ISO 9001 certified and made in the EU using the most advanced methods and highest quality ingredients.

Package Contents

1x 30ml Romeo Cookie 0mg eLiquid