30ml JULIET'S PROMISE 0mg eLiquid (Without Nicotine)

A mesmerizing flavor infused with the delectable flavors of North American tobaccos, Vanilla Madagascar, bananas and freshly baked cookies. In a romantic turn of phrase, Juliet's Promise is a promise of love at first vape.

A sweet tobacco blend crafted with loving care, Juliet's Promise is balanced with wonderful precision. What this means is that while most of the ingredients are sweet, the overall effect is such that you are not hit with an unbearably sweet taste. In addition to having an amazingly harmonious chemistry and uplifting aroma, Juliet's Promise is also very impressive in terms of vape dynamics with thick, creamy white clouds that feel buttery smooth in the mouth and throat. Mouth and lung hits are both phenomenal with a very mellow, very pleasurable exhale. Juliet's Promise - pure bliss in a bottle!

100% European Product delirium liquids are ISO 9001 certified and made in the EU using the most advanced methods and highest quality ingredients.

Package Contents

1x 30ml Juliet's Promise 0mg eLiquid