30ml DETROIT eLiquid

There's more to Motown than cars! Detroit is the definition of a smooth tobacco vape that is lovingly embellished with the heavenly essence of caramel and vanilla. On top of that savory combination, you can feel a lower layer of nuts on your palate but Detroit is such a well defined liquid that this secondary nutty flavor can easily be mistaken as an aftertaste. This is irrefutable proof of complex chemical engineering because the timing of the appearance of flavors in your mouth is one of the defining characteristics of a premium liquid.

Great for sub ohm coils in terms of depth of flavor and vapor, it vapes surprisingly well at higher ohms too - Detroit is what we call a high performer in every department. You get incredibly thick and flavor-packed clouds with even the slightest puff. It goes down like butter and is felt beautifully on the throat. With such exceptional performance and taste, Detroit can easily become your all-day vape.

100% European Product delirium liquids are ISO 9001 certified and made in the EU using the most advanced methods and highest quality ingredients.

Package Contents

1x 30ml Detroit eLiquid