delirium 69 Premium Kit

Premium quality, affordable pricing and a very sleek design - the delirium 69 is irresistible for a multitude of reasons. Engineered for maximum usability and optimal vapor performance, the delirium 69 appeals to everyone!

Every component is precision engineered, all parts are made using high quality materials. The delirium 69 comes complete with integrated BCC (bottom coil clearomizer) technology that keeps the wick saturated at all times. BCC technology translates into a huge difference in terms of vapor quality because it delivers vapor at cool and stable temperatures. Not to put too fine a point on it, but vapor quality is one the most important aspects of an electronic cigarette. With the delirium 69, you get massive clouds of dense vapor with every puff. Not only does it deliver huge, creamy chunks of vapor, it also translates liquid into vapor with zero loss in flavor.

Vapor performance to one side, the delirium 69 is equipped with changeable atomizer heads to ensure freshness and high performance at all times. Heads are very easy to change too; once an atomizer head starts dropping in performance, you just screw it off and replace it with a new one. The 1.6ml transparent clearomizer is another strength of the delirium 69, it's all about vaping more and filling less. The transparent clearomizer also means you can keep an eye on how much liquid remains so you never run out of juice. The delirium 69 is also noteworthy for having a long-lasting 650mAh passthrough battery. Passthrough technology allows you to vape while your battery is being charged - simple, efficient, and extremely useful.

There are ecigs and there is the delirium 69. If you want to stand out with an e-cigarette that looks as good as it performs, you should definitely consider the delirium 69 - the original pleasure!

Kit Contents

1x delirium 69 650mAh Battery
1x delirium 69 BCC Clearomizer (With pre-installed atomizer head)
1x USB Charging Cable
1x USB-to-Wall Charger
1x User Manual