For those that need flair and prefer different esthetics, the delirium Luna is it. One of the most visually appealing electronic cigarettes in the vaping world, the delirium Luna features an oval body that looks absolutely fantastic, a very special design. The best part of the delirium Luna is that vapor performance is on par, if not better than, how it looks. You have form and performance in one high quality electronic cigarette. The delirium Luna nicely covers functionality as well. The battery is equipped with passthrough technology. This means you can vape while your e-cigarette is being charged. Easy refills, changeable atomizer heads and much more.

The delirium Luna is great as a starter kit or ideal for emergencies, a night out and traveling with an incredible price tag.

delirium Luna

• Easily changeable atomizer heads
• Manual battery provides for best control over your electronic cigarette
• Crisp and clear taste delivery from liquid to vapor
• Extra safe with a double short circuit protection system
• Very practical, easy to fill cartridges
• Features automatic protection to help prevent damage to the atomizer
• Battery is turned on/off by clicking the firing button five times very quickly
• Current cuts out once battery is fully charged
• Protected against low voltage while being charged
• You can use your e-cigarette while it is being charged
• A very different design style
• Offers one of the best values in its range

Kit Contents

1x 350mAh delirium Luna Battery
2x Atomizer Heads
1x Atomizer Lock
2x Cartridges
1x Mouthpiece
1x Mouthpiece Cap
1x Cleaning Cloth
1x USB Charging Cable
1x User Manual