Fiber Freaks Cotton Blend No: 2 Density Wick ( XL Pack )

Fiber Freaks Cotton Blend combines reclaimed wood pulp (cellulose) and 100% American-grown organic Pima cotton. Pima cotton is a superior blend of cotton that is extremely durable and absorbent. The Cotton Blend line combines the neutral and stable aspect of cellulose with the depth of flavor transmission typical of cotton. The cotton in these wicks has been professionally treated to remove wax, fats and unwanted proteins that can negatively affect the vape. The cellulose is made from an organic solvent and synthesized under sterile conditions. These wicks are NOT whitened and contain no bleach.

Packaging: Hermetically-sealed (airtight) bag
Content: 16 pads per bag

These new Fiber Freak wickpads come with indicators on the back of the bag that show cutting directions. As the original wickpads, these new wicks also come in two densities, for different wicking needs. Density 2 wicks are more dense and have to be cut with scissors, whereas Density 1 is more airy and can be torn by hand. Cotton Blend No: 2 is highly recommended for setups that need to vaporize massive amounts of liquid in a short time because it holds more liquid per unit of wick area. The No: 2 pads need to be cut with scissors and rolled between the fingers to form a short stick to slide into the coil. Top purity, top quality - ideal for working with rebuildables.

Package Contents

1x Bag Fiber Freaks Cotton Blend No: 2 Wickpads (XL Pack)